Camera Club

Posted by Tim on 7 July 2017 - 11:39am

As you probably know we are involved with the Photography Society here in Kinsale. Last Tuesday was our last formal meeting for the summer months - we will resume again in September. One of the new photography challenges I have been learning is how to photograph local birds. As I have been getting a few common Irish birds coming to our new feeders, in the back garden.

We feed them raw peanuts and they seem to LOVE them. I set up my camera on a tripod just inside the door leading to the garden - and near the feeders. The idea is to figure out where the birds will land, focus on that point, and shoot away if and when they land. Here's a bit of what I've gotten so far...

on the feeder                                              Here are two beauties on the feeder...

chaffinch                               A chaffinch getting ready to move to the feeder

bird                     I don't know what kind of bird this one is, but he/she is brilliant.